Workplace EV Chargers 

The workplace charging scheme provides EV Charging solutions for your staff and visitors attending the workplace. The number of drivers choosing to switch to an electrical vehicle is hugely on the rise. It is now the time to prepare for the electrified future and it has never been easier with the OLEV Workplace Charging Scheme Grant.  
EV Pod Point UK install electrical vehicle charging points at your workplace to offer charging solutions for staff and visitors. Offering this within your workplace is hugely convenient for EV Drivers, it shows your interest in the modern times and eco-friendly technology.  
We believe it will improve your business and show your commitment to green energy by installing these charge points. The OLEV Charging Scheme offers companies access to grants of up to £500 per EV Socket making installations affordable and cost-effective to all who use them. 

Commercial EV Charging - Hotels, B&Bs, Pubs, Local Authorities 

The installation for commercial charging points will only help to accommodate the rapid growth of electrical vehicle ownership which is happening throughout the UK. This will enable your existing and potentially new customers to charge their vehicle during their stay or visit to you. EV Pod Point UK can provide a full range of commercial car charging points. 
With the Government Car Charging Scheme (WCS) you could be eligible to receive a voucher for up to 75% off the full purchase and installation of an EV charger. As a business, charity, or public organisation, you could receive up to £500 per socket for a maximum of 20 charge points installed. 
By 2030, almost all new cars registered in the UK will be electric. Your customers will rely on a charging infrastructure and it certainly will be something your increasing and reoccurring customer base will require. 
By listing your charge points of available mapping services, will inform new customers visiting you the installation charge points are reliable, giving them the best and most convenient experience. 
EV Pod Point UK’s expert advisers will help and guide you to choose the right solution for your premises and provide a seamless installation process to the highest standard supporting all the regulations. You will always have a return on investment following installation of charging points. You have the decision to set your own tariff, pay KW/H and you have the opportunity to charge your customers for their usage. 
Your tariff can be managed and changed at any point through your dedicated back office management system. For more information get in touch with us. 

Apply for a grant through EV PodPoint UK 

Let us help with your grant application. Just fill in the contact form below and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. 
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